About Me


I hail from the western part of the land down under... a world of beaches, vegemite, and sun. I'm currently a relief teacher, which is quite possibly the Best Job Evaarrr when the rest of your life is spent writing. Seriously. Try it.

I'm also an intern at Twelfth Planet Press, which is an indie publishing company that only releases the best Aussie spec fic works. The owner of TPP does a podcast (with two other amazing women) called Galactic Suburbia, which blew my mind and changed the way I looked at the world. Go check it out!

I'm crit partner to the marvellous, magnificent, muppet-flail-worthy Marissa Meyer, who is the author of NYT bestseller CINDER (and the other upcoming titles in The Lunar Chronicles quartet). If you want to know how I got to be that lucky, you'll need to bring coffee, shiny things, and a love of Sailor Moon to the table.

In terms of my writing I stick to young adult stories, mainly focussing on fantasy, sci fi, adventure, and romance.

In real life you can find me at random primary schools teaching random classes (seriously, I've taken Japanese, Italian, sport, music, and art), bookstores, coffee shops, or, more than likely, at home writing. Online, you can contact me via email at t(dot)m_bailey(at)hotmail.com. I also spend plenty of time on Twitter.