Saturday, 29 October 2011


Some really great things happening on November 1st!

Literary agent Suzie Townsend has moved to Nancy Coffey Literary and is offering a fantastic deal to celebrate. Send her a query between 9-10 am EST (USA) on Tuesday with the title "QUERY CONTEST - Yes I can handle the truth", and she'll send you completely honest feedback on your query. What doesn't interest her, where she was turned off, etc. It's confidential and nothing gets posted on her blog, so it's just like a regular query process with actual feedback! Check here for details.

And for the big news: Baker's Dozen is back again!

This is the biggest thing since Write on Con. Perfect your loglines, have your first 250 words ready, and make sure your manuscript is polished, because you could have not only LOTS of agents reading your work, but bidding on pages too! Go to the site, check out the work of previous winners, and read about the success stories.

Seeing I'm half a world away, I'll be waiting up late to enter these contests. I hope to see you there, even while I'm in my drowsy state! Make sure you read all the rules carefully, and good luck!

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