Monday, 5 December 2011

Summer Writing (Yes, it's summer here in Australia)

After days of agonising and stressing over something to write these holidays (too many plot ideas combined with no real passion for anything), I've finally come up with a new project. Scrivener has been downloaded, a few notes have been tacked onto the corkboard, and some thousand words of story have been written.

This time, I'm working on a middle grade boy's fantasy. Here's hoping agents are still asking for it by the time I get around to querying!


  1. You write so much it makes me jealous! Good luck!

  2. Ann - Thanks, best time of year here in Australia!

    Katya - Thank you! I just can't stop myself, haha.

  3. Ooh, intriguing! I look forward to hearing more about it. :D

  4. Good luck. I'm sure agents will still be craving middle grade boy's fantasy by the time you are done.

    And you have Scrivener- I am so jealous. Do you love it?

  5. Yes, I do. I love it very much.

    And thank you!

  6. *Guh* That's so exciting. I'll never, never forget how it felt to write the first scene for my current WiP. SUCH a rush.

    So much luck to you! I'll be watching for updates!