Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday's Food for Thought

Did you know there's a possible correlation between La Niña and influenza, and it has nothing to do with the cold weather making you sneeze?

According to this article, La Niña affects a bird's migratory patterns, and birds are the considered incubators of the human 'flu.

The website says:

...the La Niña pattern alters the migration, stopover time, fitness and interspecies mixing of migratory birds. These conditions could ... favor the kind of gene swapping that creates novel variations of the influenza virus.

Don't you love how nature and weather and humans are so interrelated? There are hundreds of thousands of other ways we're connected to and changed by our environment, which are in turn connected to and changed by other parts of their environment.



Well, goodness, the possibilities are endless. I love it when a story links a simple thing (the butterfly flapping its wings) to a major thing (the tsunami). Mere coincidence doesn't work - you'll need to set it up at the beginning, but my, when it works, it works.

If you have ever seen La Cité des Enfants Perdus (The City of Lost Children), you'll have witnessed a fabulous play of how one tiny teardrop saved a child's life. It is honestly the best event-linked scene I've seen.

Just a little something for your Monday mind to munch on.

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  1. I love this whole discussion. I've always been a winter girl, and I think that spending time in a tropical country changed something in me. Not sure yet if it's a good thing or a bad thing. XD