Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday's Food For Thought

After stumbling across this post on robotic surgeries, I figured it's only natural that soon surgery will be a completely mechanical procedure with humans behind-the-scenes rather than in the room. Doctors could operate on patients anywhere in the country... or the world.

While this can be an interesting little tidbit to add to a futuristic story, it might turn into something much less trivial.

WHAT IF every surgery was done robotically? What kind of amazing things could people do to their bodies via elective surgery? How will lasers and easy recovery fit into it? What could go wrong? What would a surgeon's life be like if he or she was working purely behind the scenes?

Just a little something for your Monday mind to munch on


  1. Half of the things science comes up with terrify me. I know that half of it is to take care of the possibility of human error, but the idea of a machine malfunction during surgery scares me even more!

  2. True... although human error can be just as scary. The amount of times sponges have been left in the body is quite terrifying.