Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday's Food for Thought

A musing on whether geomagnetic storms are making us sick went up recently. Interesting concept, but let's go bigger.

WHAT IF we really were connected to geomagnetic storms? The article states that we're affected thanks to some lingering biological traits (detecting magnetic fields) that mostly disappeared as we evolved. What if there were people out there that were not only affected, but changed by the storms?

Now we're talking.

What kind of abilities could be unlocked? Scientists claim we only use a certain percentage of our brain. I honestly believe there are some things we'd be able to do if we used more of our brain's potential. Ever had déjà vu? Imagine if that was magnified to the point of skipping ahead and actually being able to tell the future.

Hello, new reason for superheroes (that doesn't involve radiation).

Just a little something for your Monday mind to munch on.


  1. Oh my Jesus that would be SO FREAKING COOL. I reckon I'm one of the mutants who still has the gene that the rest of civilisation has evolved out of. Because we all know there is something wrong with me. SILLY US, IT WAS GEOMAGNETIC MAGIC POWERS TRYING TO BURST OUT OF ME.

    Also, this post so TOTALLY, TOTALLY reminds me of Meg Cabot's "Missing" series (also know as 1800-WHERE-R-U in America) but oh man you should totally read it. A girl gets struck by lightning and can then tell (first thru dreams and then later on, just know) where missing people are, whether dead or alive. I would so love that to happen to me.

    Anyway, this was such an interesting post, it's not funny. Plus, it totally gives me new ideas for that story about MY superheroes from a few years ago, which I was thinking about yesterday morning when I was in the bathroom/irrelevant information. Hmmm *strokes imaginary beard*

  2. Ooo, let me know how you go with that story!