Sunday, 12 August 2012


That's right, the biggest, best FREE writer's conference is on again! And the Ninja Agents start making their appearances THIS MONDAY.

*squishy-hugs conference*

Last year I tried my luck with PRINCE OF CITY NIGHTS and won a few pitch contests but it didn't eventuate into anything. This year I'm going in with my freshly-polished sci fi TWELVE MINUTES OF MIDNIGHT.

If you wanna see what I've been working on (and help stop my query getting lost in the forums while the agents are snooping), please check it out and post a comment/suggestion/crit on my page. It'd be much appreciated! (You have to sign up to see the forums, but it doesn't cost anything. Plus, you can see all the awesome crits on my work already! :D)

Here's my QUERY.

Here's my FIRST 250 WORDS.


I'm not going to get any sleep for the next few days zzzzzzz

PS If you're looking for an agent and haven't signed up for WriteOnCon... WHY? GO DO IT NOW!

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